5 Types Of Players You’ll Likely Encounter In An Escape Game

5 Types Of Players You'll Likely Encounter In An Escape Game

Escape game rooms in Singapore have become quite popular not only because they are fun and challenging but also because they provide you with an opportunity to develop your puzzle-solving skills. Many people enjoy putting their skills to the test against the clock in an escape room.

Escape rooms become much more enjoyable and exciting when they are played with several other people. Often, the players are divided into groups, each of which has weaknesses and strengths. To better understand how an escape room is typically played, here are some of the most common types of players you will likely encounter in the game.

1. The Leader

Every game of escape room must have this type of player. The game leader is the one who leads the entire team and manages the whole game. From the start of the game, the leader clearly distinguishes themselves from the team and volunteers to organise the process.

The time for completing an escape game is limited, so the leader needs to assign the players responsibilities early on. With an effective game leader, the team will function accurately and smoothly as one entire mechanism. This enables the team to manage time wisely and avoid wasting the players’ skills and strengths.

2. The Puzzle Buster

Escape rooms are full of puzzles and riddles. Hence, a puzzle buster type of player is essential in the game. The puzzle buster is someone who can easily cope with demanding tasks that require meticulous solutions. They have a great passion for riddles and can successfully solve even the most complex puzzles.

Puzzle busters are common in escape rooms because the game allows them to use and build their intellectual abilities to the fullest. If you are lucky enough to have this type of player in your team, congratulations! You have a higher chance of escaping. On the other hand, if you find yourself in this description, your team is truly fortunate.

Improve Communication

3. The Finder

An escape room is usually filled with clues everyone needs to find in order to escape. As such, you are also likely to encounter a finder type of player when you play an escape game. As the term suggests, the finder is needed for one thing: finding clues.

The finder is someone who rushes to potential escape room areas where clues and other things might be hidden. They have probably played plenty of hidden-object-games or watched tons of detective series already to have the ability to find hidden objects right away. With this type of player in your team, you will undoubtedly find all the clues you need for a successful escape.

4. The Optimist

The optimist is the engine of energy for the whole team. No matter what challenge you encounter or how hopeless you feel after many unsuccessful attempts, the optimist fills the escape room with positive energy. Even when the game time is already running out fast, this type of player will surely convince everyone that a solution can be found soon. With their positive spirit, your team’s chance of success highly increases.

5. The Alarmist

The alarmist is the opposite of the optimist. They are the type of player that notifies everyone about the time and turns any hardship in solving puzzles into panicky requests for hints. Alarmists are more common among newcomers. Although they may sometimes cause anxiety, having an alarmist in your team can also be advantageous since all your teammates will know about the amount of game time you have left.


There are many different kinds of personalities you will encounter when you play an escape game. With that said, no matter what type of player you encounter or become, you will have lots of fun playing a fantastic escape room with other people. Not only will this game test your skills, but it will also allow you to make friends with various kinds of individuals.

If you are looking for the most fun yet affordable escape room in Singapore, Lockdown Escape is the game provider you should go for! Here at Lockdown Escape, we offer various escape rooms designed to make the game much more exciting and thrilling for you and your friends. Contact our team today for more information on getting started with your incredible escape room adventure.

4 Essential Things You Should Bring To An Escape Room Game

4 Essential Things You Should Bring To An Escape Room Game

Everyone always talks about why you need to try an escape game room in Singapore, but rarely does someone tell you what you must do or bring to one. In truth, an escape room is a game of skills and wit. To win an escape room, you need to come prepared.

If you are planning to play your first escape game soon but are anxious about what you should do or bring, you have come to the right place! Here are some of the most important things you must bring when attempting an escape room:

1. A Clear Head

As mentioned earlier, escape rooms are an intellectually stimulating game. It will test not just your physical might but also the strength of your mind. There is so much stuff going on and much to focus on when you are in the game. As such, it is easy for you to be distracted or be led astray by false clues or hints.

The most effective way to beat an escape room is to play with 100% focus and concentration. To ensure that you are concentrated on your tasks throughout the game, you must bring a clear head. Otherwise, you will get lost in the room’s wealth of puzzles, riddles, traps, and tricks.

2. Some comfortable clothes

When doing an escape room, you’re obviously going to be moving around quite a bit, so wearing clothes that don’t restrict movement is crucial. Additionally, we advise against wearing anything floaty or loose in the room in case it gets snagged on something. Avoid wearing formal, stiff clothing or racing around in high heels or flip flops. Instead, keep things relaxed but practical. Let comfort take priority because you might have to work around confined spaces or strenuously exert yourself in certain scenarios.

There are no strict guidelines regarding what you should be wearing in an escape room.  Just make sure you are relaxed and will be able to manoeuvre around with ease.

3. An Open Mind

A good escape game will challenge your skills and ability to think outside the box. Nothing will be as easy and straightforward as it may appear. Soon enough, it can even begin to feel as if each clue or puzzle is more complicated than before. Getting frustrated is normal. After all, this is the point of an escape game.

However, there is only one way to deal with your struggle and transform it into a positive situation – by keeping an open mind. When the clues and hints become a little too hard to decipher, the solution is often something simple. Just try not to answer in the way you ordinarily would. In other words, thinking outside the box is the way to go!

Take advantage of whatever help is available

4. An Incredible Team

An escape room is more fun and engaging when played with an incredible group of people. You just need to bring a team of people you love spending time with and work well with. Whether the team is composed of your friends, family members, or even your significant other, an escape game will surely be more enjoyable when played with others. Remember that to win an escape room, your team should be able to work well together.


Compared to other immersive games, escape rooms can be low maintenance regarding your preparedness and responsibilities. All you need to bring is your skills and wit, some snacks to munch on, and an amazing set of friends. With all of these at hand, you can win an escape room while having fun.

If you are searching for the most creative and exciting yet affordable escape room in Singapore, Lockdown Escape has got you covered! We have a wide array of real-life and online escape games in Singapore that will stimulate your mind and give you and your friends lots of fun memories to take home. To find out more about our great escape rooms, do not hesitate to contact us anytime.

Escape Room Adventures: Strategies To Make Your First Escape

Escape Room Adventures: Strategies To Make Your First Escape

With restrictions easing in Singapore after months of lockdown, it’s natural for everyone to get excited about going out again with friends and family and enjoying the great outdoors once more. Of course, the tried and true plans of visiting the movie theatre, checking out new restaurants and food establishments, or simply exploring the nearby malls are all fine and dandy. However, many are surely used to these by now and are itching for a new, thrilling experience.

In that case, why not give escape rooms a try? As more of these fun, exciting, and stimulating joints rise in popularity, more and more people are growing curious and eager to test the waters. With a time limit to make things interesting (and give way for others to share the experience), cooperating with your group to solve puzzles, riddles, and other challenges is necessary to break out and win the game. So, ready to dip your toes in escape game rooms in Singapore for your next outing? Apart from knowing the types of puzzles to expect, here are the top general strategies in mind to secure your very first escape!

1. Be mindful of your team

Keeping your team in mind means letting others take over at times, encouraging them to report potentially important findings, and spreading out ASAP.

While it may be tempting to take on the role of a leader and guide your friends and family to a successful breakout, it’s better to let your team pitch in their ideas since more heads are undoubtedly better than one. Someone else’s style of logic may help work out certain answers, while another’s perspective could change how you tackle the entire escape room.

The excitement of playing in an escape room is heightened only when everyone shares their findings with the group. Moreover, it’s quicker and easier to match the many pieces of a puzzle if each member shares their discoveries.

Last but not least, it’s recommended to spread out first and find every puzzle piece and clue that can be found before hunkering down and brainstorming. It’s often best to have everyone assign themselves to the puzzles they find interesting rather than work on the same one together since it allows for more puzzles to get done at once.

2. Arrange your discoveries

After compiling everything you’ve found, keep tabs on those you use and group related items together. Tracking used items and keeping related ones in their own groups ensures your team doesn’t get confused and helps in being organised. For instance, if you find the key to a particular lock, keep it there and set it aside. If you uncover secret messages related to a particular item, keep them on top or next to it.

3. Take advantage of whatever help is available

Before going in, a game master will usually provide an introduction to the escape room and lay down the rules to keep in mind. Pay close attention to these as they often hold sneaky clues that are worth remembering once inside. The same applies to the rules, as they may help you focus on what’s important and what isn’t. For example, if the rules state you can’t move certain things in the room, there will be no point in looking behind dressers and other furniture.

Moreover, escape rooms and the mechanisms inside are designed to give way once you have the right items or information. This is a critical clue to always keep in mind, as trying to force things, such as a key into a given lock, will likely end up with you breaking something than finding the right answer.

Take advantage of whatever help is available


Working together as a team to solve various mysteries and puzzles is what makes escape rooms so much fun and increasingly popular by the day. But even though making it out before the timer ends is what many people look to achieve, having fun with your loved ones is much more important. Hence, don’t get too wrapped up in not solving the escape room and just enjoy the experience. That way, everyone will have a good time regardless of whether you escape or not. Besides, there’s always another chance to come back and try again, no?

Ready to put your wits to the test? Then come on down at Lockdown Escape and challenge our various escape room games specifically designed to give you a thrill like no other! Get in touch with our team today to learn more details on how to get started with your first escape room adventure!

Tips On Planning A Memorable Escape Room Date Night

Tips On Planning A Memorable Escape Room Date Night

Want to switch up your date night and need some exciting new options to keep the romance alive? In that case, escape rooms may be just what you’re looking for! Although an escape room date night is not what many people would consider romantic, it actually offers several benefits for couples, from developing stronger trust to improving communication skills.

Why An Escape Room Is A Great Option For Date Night

Before we dive into how to go about planning your escape room date night, let’s first go over what makes them a great date location in the first place. Nothing brings people together more than a challenge that can only be solved as a group. Fortunately, escape rooms let you and your date get the chance to work through such puzzles right off the bat! At the end of the experience, you can expect a great sense of accomplishment as well as a better understanding of how you two work together and communicate.

Escape rooms are a great option for all couples, whether on first dates or with long-time married couples. This activity makes it easier for first dates to get to know each other without leaving much time for nervousness or awkward silence. Meanwhile, married couples can get a new experience they’ve never tried before and possibly even learn something new about their partners.

In addition, escape rooms are perfect for double or group dates, as most rooms can accommodate two to six people at once. But most importantly, they are just plain fun! Your date is sure to have a blast with this novel date idea, which is undoubtedly what matters the most for a successful date night.

Planning for the Perfect Escape Room Date Night

Although keeping things simple and going in blind is absolutely fine, we recommend some steps to make the most out of your date.

1. Plan ahead

It’s best to always do research before any kind of plan you make, and escape rooms are no exception. First, pick out an affordable escape room in Singapore with a good location that works for you, whether near your area or fun places with a lively nightlife scene. Next, find the best escape room option for you and your date.

Since escape rooms come in all kinds of themes, there are plenty of choices for everyone, from adventure-horror games to more lighthearted yet thrilling ones. Just be sure to go for the one that works for both of you so everyone can have fun. Lastly, keep an eye out for difficulty ratings and consider them when you choose what you and your date are in the mood for.

2. Eat up

It’s hard to have fun on an empty stomach, especially when dealing with challenging puzzles that need brain power. As such, grab a bite to eat first before heading into the escape room, which typically lasts up to 60 minutes. Whether it’s just a light snack or a full-course romantic meal is all up to you.

3. Don’t get too wrapped up in solving the game

Once inside, there’s nothing else to do but have fun piecing puzzles together and coordinate to break free on time! While it is undoubtedly great to solve your first escape room, don’t get too wrapped up in it and just make sure you and your date both have an amazing time bonding.


After breaking the ice and (hopefully) completing the escape room, you’ll have plenty to talk and laugh about for the rest of the night. Consider cementing the fun experience you’ve had and the fond memories you’ve shared by just hanging out for the rest of the date, maybe over some sweet desserts or a walk in the park. You’ll have more quality time with your partner and reflect on your recent adventure together.

Looking for a fun and exciting escape room game for your next date night? Look no further than Lockdown Escape, where our wide variety of escape rooms provide the perfect setting for you and your date to have a blast and get to know each other more. Feel free to contact us anytime to learn more about our fun and affordable escape rooms in Singapore.

5 Foolproof Tips You Can Utilise To Win An Escape Room

5 Foolproof Tips You Can Utilise To Win An Escape Room

Escape rooms are undeniably exciting. However, if you are a first-timer, you might find the game a bit complex and nerve-wracking. An escape room is a thematic game room full of intricate puzzles and mind-boggling clues. The concept is that the players must escape the room by solving puzzles and riddles within a limited period (usually one hour).

There are different types of affordable escape rooms in Singapore. However, regardless of what type of room you are in, it is essential always to have a good cognitive ability to solve the puzzles and escape the room. If you are looking for tips on how to ace your next escape room game, here are five effective hacks to develop a successful escape strategy.

1. Communicate well

Communication is critical in winning an escape room. Usually, escape rooms let players play in teams. Different players will notice different things and come up with varying ideas. These ideas must be pooled together to move forward. Hence, teamwork is necessary when playing a game of escape room, and a team can only function well when there is proper communication.

Effective communication among the players is half the game won. Because there is no textbook rule regarding escape room puzzles, you will need as many brains on deck as possible. You can only try out every single solution your team members have by allowing them to speak their minds and consider their ideas.

2. Keep an eye for detail

Aside from puzzles and riddles, escape rooms are also filled with hidden clues. These clues can be placed in even the tiniest elements of the room’s design. Therefore, a keen eye for details is essential in playing an escape room game. You should always analyse every object in the room and look closely into every nook and cranny to ensure you do not miss out on an essential hint.

3. Make use of the clues

The hints and clues are what will lead you to a successful escape. They help you piece together the puzzles and solve the riddles you come across. Remember that there are times when an object you see in the room might not make sense immediately. However, it is likely that you will soon stumble upon a riddle that is connected to that object. So, keeping track of all the hints and clues you come across is crucial.

4. Properly divide the tasks

Many escape room enthusiasts know that the most helpful approach in the game is the divide and conquer strategy. This approach enables every team player to participate equally and contribute to the successful outcome of the game. Since escape rooms are filled with various kinds of cryptic brain-teasers and hurdles, you will need people’s different ideas and abilities.

One of the best ways to divide your team is to separate the seekers from the solvers. Seekers are good at finding clues and hints, while solvers can make sense of the clues and hints to solve puzzles right away. If you split the tasks correctly, your team’s chances of winning the escape room game go up quite a couple of notches.

5. Understand the room you are playing

As mentioned earlier, you will encounter different types of escape rooms. Some rooms have numerous puzzles that all players need to solve at once, while others have several riddles that can be worked out only in a particular order. When completing an escape room, it’s important to understand how to use the space around you. Know the type of escape room you are playing and understand the instructions that come with it.


Escape rooms can indeed be complex, confusing, and sometimes intimidating, especially for beginners. Nonetheless, once you have already got the hang of the game, you will almost certainly find it fun, exciting, and a bit addictive! Hopefully, the tips shared in this article have given you the know-how that you need to ace the next game of escape room that you will be playing.

If you are in search of the most memorable, stimulating, and fun escape rooms in town, Lockdown Escape is the place to be! We offer a wide array of fun real-life and online escape games in Singapore that will challenge your mind, leave you with great memories, and make you an instant fan of escape rooms. Feel free to reach out to us anytime to find out more about our fascinating escape rooms.

The Most Thrilling Activities You Can Do In Singapore

The Most Thrilling Activities You Can Do In Singapore

There’s no shortage of thrill-seeking adventurers in Singapore. To accommodate their needs, the island is chock full of attractions and activities that will send your heart careening in your chest. With myriad options available for all the adrenaline junkies out there, how would you even know where to start?

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of places you have to visit and activities any Bonafede thrill-seeker has to look into. Keep reading to figure out your plans for the next time you crave excitement.

1. Creepy Tales Horror Walking Tour

If you are a fan of all things eerie and horrifying, this walking tour is just what you’ve been waiting for. For those who’ve secretly wanted to be part of a horror movie, this guided tour takes you to the scariest corners of the country. From historical landmarks where massacres have occurred to the terrifying and iconic Bukit Brown cemetery, you’re always going to be looking over your shoulders for ghosts and ghouls.

Every participant gets an electromagnetic field reader and a dowsing road to get themselves started on their amateur ghost hunting journey. Whether you buy into the ghost stories or not, there’s no denying that The Creepy Tales Walking Tour lives up to its name. Plus, it’s a great way to learn more about Singapore’s history!

2. Clip n Climb 

At first glance, you may be taken in by the vibrant colours of the walls and the friendly staff. However, Clip n Climb is as anxiety-inducing and terrifying as any other activity you can think of. With nearly 20 different climbing routes with varying levels of difficulty and obstacles, you will not be growing bored here anytime soon! The more competitive and daring among you can even challenge your friends to a race to the peak.

3. Singapore Wake Park

Singapore Wake Park is for both those who belong in the water and those who want to learn a new sport. Situated at East Coast Park, this activity is as thrilling as it is fresh and enjoyable.

You’ll find plenty of helpful instructors at your beck and call until you pick up the basics of wakeboarding. You can navigate an advanced cable system and challenge yourself even further if you’re an expert.

Singapore Wake Park

4. Lockdown Escape

Escape rooms are great places to test your intellectual mettle and communication skills. At Lockdown Escape, a premiere escape game room in Singapore, you’ll be faced with puzzles galore and immersive narrative experiences that will set your heart racing.

With our wide variety of online and in-person escape rooms, you’ll find that there’s something for people from all walks of life – but especially for those who love chasing their thrills.


Singapore is a colourful city filled with people always looking for new and exciting experiences. As such, we have plenty of activities to quench a thirst for adventure.

At Lockdown Escape, we understand this better than one, and our games are specifically engineered to give you the thrill of a lifetime. Contact our team today to learn more about you can get started with us!

Escape Rooms: How They Help Strengthen Workplace Bonds

Escape Rooms: How They Help Strengthen Workplace Bonds

Having some bonding time with your colleagues is very important to strengthen not just your professional relationship but also your personal connection with them. Indeed, team-building activities are essential in every company, as they work to enhance workplace projects and improve workplace bonds.

There are a lot of team-building activities that you and your colleagues can try, but if you want something that will test your team’s intellect and wit and provide you with a memorable experience, an escape game room in Singapore is not to be missed!

An escape room is an immersive one-hour adventure game that prompts players to find clues, solve puzzles, and accomplish tasks to escape a room. Read on to find out how doing this can strengthen the workplace bonds you and your colleagues have.

1. Get to Know One Another

Team building activities generally help people learn more about one another and become more comfortable working as a team. When co-workers understand one another deeply, they tend to become more efficient and effective at work. One of the best ways to learn more about your colleagues is to play a fun and challenging game with them, such as an escape room.

As the classic adage goes, you can discover a person’s true colours by looking at how they play a game. Even in a game as harmless and exciting as an escape room, you and your colleagues can see a different side in one another that does not typically manifest in the standard office setting.

2. Improve Communication

Communication is one of the essential skills that players need to succeed in an escape room game. Escape rooms are usually filled with numerous puzzles that guide your way towards a successful escape. However, it is typical for all these puzzles to be connected in one way or another.

Hence, even if you have already completed the puzzle you are working on, this does not necessarily mean that you can already escape since the game prompts everyone to help one another. This is then where effective communication comes on. As a team-building activity, a game of escape room can help players realise the value of having a great line of communication among themselves in order to successfully exit the room.

Improve Communication

3. Increase Team Effort and Trust

An escape room is probably the closest one you can get to an office simulator. First, you are assigned to a specific team. Second, your team has an objective that needs to be accomplished within a deadline. Finally, you need to cooperate with each other and work together to succeed.

Similarly, in a real-life or online escape game in Singapore, you and your colleagues need to work together to solve complicated puzzles and riddles and accomplish challenging tasks to escape successfully. There is no room for individual effort here, so you need to work as a team. As a result, an escape room game also helps foster trust within your team, as it encourages you to count on one another to achieve a common goal.

4. Find Strengths and Weaknesses

Because an escape room game prompts players to work together to accomplish a common goal, an escape room can also be a great place to find out the strengths and weaknesses of each person in your team. Indeed, environments filled with pressure and stress bring out the best and worst in people.

Since escape rooms are typically done with a time limit, doing things as effectively and efficiently as possible is necessary. This means that everyone should be assigned to where their strengths lie. Your team has the best chance of escaping the room if your strengths and weaknesses are appropriately designated. The stressful yet fun environment of an escape room can allow each of you to have your qualities shine.


Escape rooms are undoubtedly thrilling, fun, and effective for strengthening bonds between colleagues. Aside from having a wonderful experience, you and your team can also learn more about one another, enhance communication skills, build trust, and discover strengths and weaknesses when you play a game of escape room.

For the most exciting and intimate real-life or online escape game in Singapore, Lockdown Escape is the game provider you should choose! We offer a wide variety of escape rooms that can truly intrigue and stimulate your mind and provide your team with a valuable and memorable bonding experience like no other. Feel free to contact us anytime to learn more about our fun and affordable escape rooms.

Escape Rooms: The Group Hangout You’ve Been Craving

Escape Rooms: The Group Hangout You’ve Been Craving

From fancy meals to weekend trips, the most memorable moments in life are usually those that you share with a group of friends. After all, who else is going to take Instagram-worthy snapshots of your OOTD, suggest the best photo caption, and hype you up the entire time? Even if you consider yourself an introvert who loves having alone time, you cannot deny that hanging out with friends makes your every experience a lot better.

So, if you want your year to be filled with fun and memorable experiences, it is time for you and your friends to plan some exciting activities you can do as a group. For an exhilarating and unique experience, you should consider playing an escape room game! Here are the most important things you should know about escape rooms before you get started.

What is an escape room?

An escape room is a 60-minute immersive, real-life adventure game that prompts players to work together to solve puzzles, discover clues, and complete tasks in one or more rooms. The game’s main objective is to complete a series of tasks within a limited period of time to achieve the primary goal – to escape the room!

You can play real-life escape games and online escape games in Singapore. Online escape games are also popularly known as virtual escape rooms. Usually, the goal of an online escape room is only the same as that of a real-life game, and that is to get out of the room before the time limit ends.

What is an escape room?

How to play an escape room game?

Playing an escape room game is quite simple. Whether a real-life escape room or an online one, the rules and steps to play the game are virtually the same. Here are the essential things that you should expect when you choose to play a game of escape room:

1. Form a team

Escape rooms can actually be played alone or with a group. However, to have the most memorable gameplay experience, it is best to play an escape room game with a crew of friends. Usually, a team of 2 to 6 persons is needed to participate in an escape room. When playing an escape room, you must ensure that you can work cooperatively with your teammates to succeed in the game.

2. Select the room you want

A game of escape room may take place in a variety of settings. You will usually be provided with a selection of rooms available for you to choose from. There are different themes and scenarios you can select from, so it is best to choose the one that you think you and your teammates will genuinely enjoy. From adventure and fantasy to horror and action, you’ll definitely find something that will suit you and your friends.

3. Learn the rules of your chosen room

Before you enter an escape room, there are a couple of rules and guidelines that you should be aware of to play the game properly, fairly, and safely. Usually, a host will explain the rules, give instructions, and answer any questions you may have before you start your adventure. Aside from the rules and instructions, the host may also provide a comprehensive explanation of the story’s background and even hint at the things you should be looking for.

4. Escape the room

After you have been informed of everything you should know, you and your teammates may begin the escape game. For the duration of the time limit, immerse yourself in the environment by solving challenging puzzles, investigating hidden clues, and making your rounds around the room until you discover what you need to search for to have a successful escape.


Escape rooms are, without a doubt, fun and exciting. Together with your teammates, challenge your intellect and wit by playing an escape room game that will make you think and have fun simultaneously! Although you may get stressed and a little frightened while playing the game, it is a game experience that you will remember, especially when played with a group of friends.

For the most exciting and affordable escape rooms in Singapore, Lockdown Escape has got you covered! We have various fun online and real-life escape rooms that come with challenging and intriguing puzzles you can solve with your friends or acquaintances. Do not hesitate to contact us anytime to learn more about how our escape rooms can challenge and engage you and your team.

The Different Types Of Escape Rooms You Will Encounter

The Different Types Of Escape Rooms You Will Encounter

Playing a game of escape room is a fantastic way to bond with your family, friends, or colleagues while stimulating your mind at the same time. Themes for escape rooms in Singapore vary widely and can fit into any genre; from crime to science fiction to post-apocalyptic, you name it, and you’ll probably be able to find it.

Some of these escape games require a lot of cooperation and collaborative thinking and are thus better suited for larger groups. Others are ideal for small teams of two to four individuals, as they provide each player with an opportunity to work on their own riddles. Essentially, the more you understand the variations of escape rooms, the better your chances of succeeding at the game. With that, here are five of the most recurrent kinds of escape rooms you will likely encounter.

1. Non-Linear

A non-linear escape room typically has numerous puzzles that all players solve simultaneously. In other words, in a non-linear escape room, everyone is working on different problems simultaneously. At the end of the game, they combine what they’ve got to produce a large puzzle that solves the whole game. Large groups and expert players will both enjoy this space. Everyone usually has a job to accomplish, and the players are tested on their efficiency in planning, communicating, and solving puzzles.

2. Linear

Linear escape rooms are the opposite of non-linear escape rooms. In a linear escape room, there are several problems that can only be worked out in a specific order. This means that all players need to solve one puzzle at a time before they can move forward to solve the subsequent puzzle. Hence, you won’t be able to see the next hint until you’ve discovered the one before it.

This kind of escape room is ideal for smaller teams since all the questions pop up at once, and nobody is left without anything to do. Moreover, since it does not overwhelm the players with too many intricacies, a non-linear escape room is more recommended for novices. For companies that choose the escape room game as a team-building activity, the non-linear escape rooms are the best ones to choose since they prompt the players to solve problems as a team.


3. Mixed Non-Linear and Linear

As its name suggests, a mixed non-linear and linear escape room provides a sort of compromise between the first two categories of escape rooms. Escape rooms of this type often include a bottleneck puzzle that leads to fewer puzzles, which must all be solved to unlock the larger puzzle. Once that puzzle is unlocked, another series of smaller, frequently simpler challenges is produced, and so on until the game is won.

In this manner, you still have substantial overall linear challenges to complete in order, but you also have a number of smaller puzzles that may be distributed among the team members as you go. This makes mixed non-linear and linear escape rooms ideal for all group sizes. They frequently have a precise sequence and order, are well-organised, and offer each player something to accomplish.

4. Red Herring

Red herring escape rooms interestingly got their name from the red-headed foil kid in the 1980s mystery-comedy series A Pup Named Scooby-Do. Technically, this room can be non-linear, linear, or mixed. However, this sort of escape room’s central component is filled with tricks and ploys. Hence, it would be best if you always kept an eye out for anything that can divert your attention from the real problems whenever you are in one of these escape rooms.

There might be several dead ends and time wasters in the form of hints. Some players become annoyed if they choose the wrong option, while others genuinely relish the opportunity to tell the real hints from deceptive signals. Due to its nature, large teams that struggle to agree and adopt a single course of action may find a red herring escape room quite challenging. On the other hand, teams with excellent communication skills, patience, and expertise will surely enjoy this game.

5. Scavenger Hunt

Like the red herring escape rooms, scavenger hunt rooms can also be non-linear, linear, or mixed. The fundamental concept behind them is that there are often no riddles or puzzles to solve and that they are only focused on scavenger hunting. Consequently, these escape rooms do not usually require strategy.

Finding specific things, finding more, and repeating this process are all you will have to do in a scavenger hunt escape room. Hunting or finding clues is included in every escape game, of course. However, hunting is not combined with actual problem-solving in a scavenger hunt escape room. Scavenger hunt escape rooms merely consist of discovering things and hints and require less aptitude for solving puzzles.


Overall, while the various types of escape room games are united under the same name, they are quite different from one another. By knowing the different assortments of escape rooms out there and understanding how they differ, you can choose the escape room game that is best suitable for the size of your team and the interests of your team members. This is especially important if you are trying the escape room game for the first time.

If you are looking for the most fun, challenging, and affordable escape rooms in Singapore, Lockdown Escape has got you covered! We have a wide range of real-life and virtual reality escape rooms that are sure to stimulate your mind and leave you wanting more. To learn more about the exciting and intriguing escape rooms we offer, do not hesitate to contact us anytime.

Top 5 Fun And Engaging Things You Can Do In Singapore

Top 5 Fun And Engaging Things You Can Do In Singapore

Singapore is one of the best vacation destinations in Southeast Asia, offering a ton of amazing attractions to see and exciting activities to do. There’s never a dull moment in the Lion City.

From skyscrapers that reach the clouds to historical landmarks to incredible shopping destinations and Instagram-worthy parks, Singapore has everything you can associate with an ideal vacation. If you have an upcoming trip to Singapore and are now planning your itinerary, or if you do live here and are looking for something new to do, you’re on the right page! Here are some of the most fun and memorable things you can do while here.

1. Visit the Marina Bay Sands

Among Singapore’s superlatives, the Marina Bay Sands, constructed in 2010, is still a relatively new structure. Nonetheless, in such a short period of time, it has already established itself as a well-known landmark that everyone who has seen images of Singapore before will easily recognise.

When you visit the Marina Bay Sands, you will be drawn to its top-notch architecture, unlike anything you’ve ever seen. It has a total of 55 floors and is impressively huge. It is a multi-faceted complex with a hotel, casino, shopping centre, and conference centre and also houses bars and nightclubs for those interested in Singapore’s nightlife.

2. Walk around Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay is a massive man-made park located directly behind the Marina Bay Sands. This enormous garden was built to improve the quality of life by promoting innovation and sustainability.

Gardens by the Bay has three primary attractions: the Flower Dome, the Cloud Forest, and the Supertrees. The Flower Dome and the Cloud Forest are two enormous greenhouses where various climates have been developed, while the Supertrees are incredible-looking trees artificially placed within a steel framework. If you want to take lots of grid-worthy photos for your Instagram feed, Gardens by the Bay is the place to be!

3. Go on a Night Safari at the Singapore Zoo

The Singapore Zoo is a fantastic attraction that draws hundreds and thousands of visitors yearly. The zoo is one of Singapore’s greatest treasures and is home to more than 1,000 animals representing 3,000 different species. However, if you want to enhance your zoo experience, going on a night safari is highly recommended.

Attending a night safari in the Singapore zoo ranks as one of the best things to do at night in Singapore. As a notable tourist attraction, the night safari in Singapore naturally draws a large group of people most of the year. Here, you can ride a train through the grounds to observe the zoo animals that are more active during the night.

4. Spend a day at Universal Studios

Universal Studios definitely tops the list of fun activities in Singapore for kids and adults alike. Battlestar Galactica and The Lost World of the Dinosaurs are only some of the fantastic shows produced by these popular fantasy film studios. Ride the unforgettable rollercoasters and visit locations that emulate some of your favourite movie sets. It is also home to some of Sentosa Island’s best restaurants and is filled with shops that offer one-of-a-kind memorabilia inspired by your favourite movies.

Spend A Day At Universal Studios

5. Play escape rooms at Lockdown Escape

Escape rooms are the newest craze not just in Singapore but around the world. An escape room is an immersive adventure game that allows players to solve puzzles, find hidden clues, and accomplish tasks so they can exit the game room successfully. You can find the best and most affordable escape room in Singapore at Lockdown Escape.

If you are always up for some fun challenges, playing an escape room game is something you should not miss! Located in Orchard Gateway, Lockdown Escape offers the most challenging yet exciting escape rooms you can find in the city. It has real-life and virtual escape rooms that will surely test your and your companions’ intellect and wit and make your trip a lot more unique and memorable.


There is no doubt this city is an incredible place with unforgettable sights, sounds, and experiences. From the stunning sceneries at the Marina Bay Sands and Gardens by the Bay to the enjoyable and stimulating activities you can do at the Singapore Zoo, Universal Studios, and Lockdown Escape, your experiences will never fall short here in Sunny Singapore.

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