Exclusive Team-Building Events

Lockdown Escape Singapore provides many unique team-building opportunities through our broad range of cleverly designed escape room games and specially-organised events. Our partnership with ThinkOut Events allows for the best and most creative edutainment activities. Bond with others and gain insight into the world around us through carefully crafted puzzles and atmospheric storytelling. Be it an online or virtual escape room or an in-person experience, we have it all here. So contact us today, and we’ll get you started.

Offsite Escape Games

Since our inception in 2013, we have had experience hosting thousands of team building events. With the exclusive rights we hold to the games held at Haw Par Villa, Singapore Zoo, Chinatown, Fort Canning Hill, National Gallery and more, you can have an unforgettable team-building event whether you have 10 or 500 pax!

National Gallery

Escape Room For Team Building - National Gallery

On the first of April, 1937, we buried a time capsule full of intriguing items were buried under the foundation stone of what used to be the Supreme Court to commemorate seventy years of the Straits Settlement. However, when the building was finished, a few of the items were stolen. The location of these items has remained a mystery… until now. Upon the conversion of the building into what would become a wing of the national gallery, a letter was found. Is it possible that this letter will tell you where to find what you’re looking for? There’s only one way to find out.

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Marina Bay Sands

A gathering did not go as planned. Your friend, Alice, did not show up, but she was messaging you about a mystical white rabbit bouncing about before she suddenly went offline..

You soon realise that there were clues left around Alice’s favourite hangouts in the mall. These clues were her desperate attempt to communicate with you as she is now trapped in another realm and the portal is closing soon. Can you track her down and bring her back before it is too late?

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River Wonders Zoo

Online Escape Room Team Building - River Lockdown

An old board game was found buried by an excavation site next to the River Safari. Weird things start to occur when you start playing it, like the huge and terrifying river monsters that crop up before your very eyes. Now the safari is an exhilarating quest. You find a different adventurer who has been stuck in the game since he played decades ago. You only have 2 hours to finish the board game before you meet the same awful fate.

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Battlebox Fort Canning

Escape Room Virtual Singapore - Battlebox

It is 1942, and the Malayan commanders are talking about the inevitable defeat of Singapore. There is, however, one last bit of hope: you. You need to activate a top-secret mission and send a code word to the corresponding agent, telling him to escape before time runs out. You are the last hope of the resistance. Do you have what it takes?

Initiated by Battlebox Singapore, Code of Silence was organised by both Lockdown and Thinkout Events in an event that was held in March 2018. It was the first event of this scale to be held inside a WW2 bunker,

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Virtual Escape Room For Team Building - Chinatown

The owner of an old shophouse discovers an old scroll while cleaning out his attic. He suspects that it contains the details that could lead to treasure left behind by wealthy Chinese merchants while fleeing the Japanese during the second world war. You have been tasked with breaking the scroll’s code, with part of the treasure as a reward should you succeed.

You also find that several protectors of the treasure have been sworn to protect it before relinquishing it to the worthy owner. Can you get to it before it gets into nefarious hands?

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Haw Par Villa

Online Escape Room Team Building Singapore - Haw Par Villa

An excursion to Haw Par Villa is cut short when your classmate passes out with no visible cause. While headed to get treated, a strange old lady tells you that she sees the spirit world and that he was brought there by the spirits Ox-Head and Horse-Face due to an error. It is now up to you to save him before time runs out, and he drinks the tea that will make him forget everything to go into the next life.

Along with the Journeys and Singapore Tourism Board, Lockdown and ThinkOut Events teamed up to organise the “Journey to the End and Back” event that was held in May and June 2016.

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Virtual Team-Building

Since 2013, Lockdown has been widely featured on various media platforms for our exclusive escape games. We are proud to continue that tradition by presenting another Singaporean first! This game was originally designed to allow the people in MNC companies and universities to bond while separated geographically. However, with hundreds of people enjoying this game, you will now get an exclusive chance to experience this with your friends! A dedicated facilitator will teach you how to get comfortable using Zoom for video conferencing and a virtual whiteboard for brainstorming and collaboration, all while playing a fun game in the comfort of your own home. The COVID-19 pandemic may have changed how we work and the way we collaborate forever, but it doesn’t mean we can’t still have fun with it!


Real Life Escape Game - Lost Treasure Of Sarang Rimau

You are told that you need to escape with your fellow soldier Arnold Watson. However, as you prepare to run, you find something buried. On it are clues to some alleged treasure found by Private Joey when he arrived over a century ago on Sarang Rimau. Will you find the missing loot before the ship goes without you. Click here to learn more.

This game is meant to be played by separate teams at the same time, from anywhere on the globe virtually. You will only need a computer device for video chat capabilities and some strong Wi-Fi. You can also use an online whiteboard to gather your wits about you and share ideas so you can solve the escape room together. If you want to learn more, we’ll conduct a brief demonstration for you, and you can learn more yourself!


Escape Room - Virtual Agents

A biotechnology scientist who had been working on a cure for Covid-19 has gone missing! Before Joey Gonoki vanished into thin air, however, you were receiving regular reports regarding his work. Now, the last thing you received was an automated email stating that he has suspicions of someone coming after him for his work. With only a link as your last hint, you will need to unearth the mystery of where his research lies before it gets automatically deleted.

This game is meant to be played by separate teams at the same time, from anywhere on the globe virtually. You will only need a computer device for video chat capabilities and some strong Wi-Fi. You can also use an online whiteboard to gather your wits about you and share ideas so you can solve the escape room together. If you want to learn more, we’ll conduct a brief demonstration for you, and you can learn more yourself!

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