4 Essential Things You Should Bring To An Escape Room Game

4 Essential Things You Should Bring To An Escape Room Game

Everyone always talks about why you need to try an escape game room in Singapore, but rarely does someone tell you what you must do or bring to one. In truth, an escape room is a game of skills and wit. To win an escape room, you need to come prepared.

If you are planning to play your first escape game soon but are anxious about what you should do or bring, you have come to the right place! Here are some of the most important things you must bring when attempting an escape room:

1. A Clear Head

As mentioned earlier, escape rooms are an intellectually stimulating game. It will test not just your physical might but also the strength of your mind. There is so much stuff going on and much to focus on when you are in the game. As such, it is easy for you to be distracted or be led astray by false clues or hints.

The most effective way to beat an escape room is to play with 100% focus and concentration. To ensure that you are concentrated on your tasks throughout the game, you must bring a clear head. Otherwise, you will get lost in the room’s wealth of puzzles, riddles, traps, and tricks.

2. Some comfortable clothes

When doing an escape room, you’re obviously going to be moving around quite a bit, so wearing clothes that don’t restrict movement is crucial. Additionally, we advise against wearing anything floaty or loose in the room in case it gets snagged on something. Avoid wearing formal, stiff clothing or racing around in high heels or flip flops. Instead, keep things relaxed but practical. Let comfort take priority because you might have to work around confined spaces or strenuously exert yourself in certain scenarios.

There are no strict guidelines regarding what you should be wearing in an escape room.  Just make sure you are relaxed and will be able to manoeuvre around with ease.

3. An Open Mind

A good escape game will challenge your skills and ability to think outside the box. Nothing will be as easy and straightforward as it may appear. Soon enough, it can even begin to feel as if each clue or puzzle is more complicated than before. Getting frustrated is normal. After all, this is the point of an escape game.

However, there is only one way to deal with your struggle and transform it into a positive situation – by keeping an open mind. When the clues and hints become a little too hard to decipher, the solution is often something simple. Just try not to answer in the way you ordinarily would. In other words, thinking outside the box is the way to go!

Take advantage of whatever help is available

4. An Incredible Team

An escape room is more fun and engaging when played with an incredible group of people. You just need to bring a team of people you love spending time with and work well with. Whether the team is composed of your friends, family members, or even your significant other, an escape game will surely be more enjoyable when played with others. Remember that to win an escape room, your team should be able to work well together.


Compared to other immersive games, escape rooms can be low maintenance regarding your preparedness and responsibilities. All you need to bring is your skills and wit, some snacks to munch on, and an amazing set of friends. With all of these at hand, you can win an escape room while having fun.

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