5 Foolproof Tips You Can Utilise To Win An Escape Room

5 Foolproof Tips You Can Utilise To Win An Escape Room

Escape rooms are undeniably exciting. However, if you are a first-timer, you might find the game a bit complex and nerve-wracking. An escape room is a thematic game room full of intricate puzzles and mind-boggling clues. The concept is that the players must escape the room by solving puzzles and riddles within a limited period (usually one hour).

There are different types of affordable escape rooms in Singapore. However, regardless of what type of room you are in, it is essential always to have a good cognitive ability to solve the puzzles and escape the room. If you are looking for tips on how to ace your next escape room game, here are five effective hacks to develop a successful escape strategy.

1. Communicate well

Communication is critical in winning an escape room. Usually, escape rooms let players play in teams. Different players will notice different things and come up with varying ideas. These ideas must be pooled together to move forward. Hence, teamwork is necessary when playing a game of escape room, and a team can only function well when there is proper communication.

Effective communication among the players is half the game won. Because there is no textbook rule regarding escape room puzzles, you will need as many brains on deck as possible. You can only try out every single solution your team members have by allowing them to speak their minds and consider their ideas.

2. Keep an eye for detail

Aside from puzzles and riddles, escape rooms are also filled with hidden clues. These clues can be placed in even the tiniest elements of the room’s design. Therefore, a keen eye for details is essential in playing an escape room game. You should always analyse every object in the room and look closely into every nook and cranny to ensure you do not miss out on an essential hint.

3. Make use of the clues

The hints and clues are what will lead you to a successful escape. They help you piece together the puzzles and solve the riddles you come across. Remember that there are times when an object you see in the room might not make sense immediately. However, it is likely that you will soon stumble upon a riddle that is connected to that object. So, keeping track of all the hints and clues you come across is crucial.

4. Properly divide the tasks

Many escape room enthusiasts know that the most helpful approach in the game is the divide and conquer strategy. This approach enables every team player to participate equally and contribute to the successful outcome of the game. Since escape rooms are filled with various kinds of cryptic brain-teasers and hurdles, you will need people’s different ideas and abilities.

One of the best ways to divide your team is to separate the seekers from the solvers. Seekers are good at finding clues and hints, while solvers can make sense of the clues and hints to solve puzzles right away. If you split the tasks correctly, your team’s chances of winning the escape room game go up quite a couple of notches.

5. Understand the room you are playing

As mentioned earlier, you will encounter different types of escape rooms. Some rooms have numerous puzzles that all players need to solve at once, while others have several riddles that can be worked out only in a particular order. When completing an escape room, it’s important to understand how to use the space around you. Know the type of escape room you are playing and understand the instructions that come with it.


Escape rooms can indeed be complex, confusing, and sometimes intimidating, especially for beginners. Nonetheless, once you have already got the hang of the game, you will almost certainly find it fun, exciting, and a bit addictive! Hopefully, the tips shared in this article have given you the know-how that you need to ace the next game of escape room that you will be playing.

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