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5 Types Of Players You’ll Likely Encounter In An Escape Game

Escape game rooms in Singapore have become quite popular not only because they are fun and challenging but also because they provide you with an opportunity to develop your puzzle-solving skills. Many people enjoy putting their skills to the test against the clock in an escape room. Escape rooms become much more enjoyable and exciting […]

Escape Room Adventures: Strategies To Make Your First Escape

With restrictions easing in Singapore after months of lockdown, it’s natural for everyone to get excited about going out again with friends and family and enjoying the great outdoors once more. Of course, the tried and true plans of visiting the movie theatre, checking out new restaurants and food establishments, or simply exploring the nearby […]

Tips On Planning A Memorable Escape Room Date Night

Want to switch up your date night and need some exciting new options to keep the romance alive? In that case, escape rooms may be just what you’re looking for! Although an escape room date night is not what many people would consider romantic, it actually offers several benefits for couples, from developing stronger trust […]

5 Foolproof Tips You Can Utilise To Win An Escape Room

Escape rooms are undeniably exciting. However, if you are a first-timer, you might find the game a bit complex and nerve-wracking. An escape room is a thematic game room full of intricate puzzles and mind-boggling clues. The concept is that the players must escape the room by solving puzzles and riddles within a limited period […]

The Most Thrilling Activities You Can Do In Singapore

There’s no shortage of thrill-seeking adventurers in Singapore. To accommodate their needs, the island is chock full of attractions and activities that will send your heart careening in your chest. With myriad options available for all the adrenaline junkies out there, how would you even know where to start? In this article, we’ve compiled a […]

Escape Rooms: How They Help Strengthen Workplace Bonds

Having some bonding time with your colleagues is very important to strengthen not just your professional relationship but also your personal connection with them. Indeed, team-building activities are essential in every company, as they work to enhance workplace projects and improve workplace bonds. There are a lot of team-building activities that you and your colleagues […]

Escape Rooms: The Group Hangout You’ve Been Craving

From fancy meals to weekend trips, the most memorable moments in life are usually those that you share with a group of friends. After all, who else is going to take Instagram-worthy snapshots of your OOTD, suggest the best photo caption, and hype you up the entire time? Even if you consider yourself an introvert […]

The Different Types Of Escape Rooms You Will Encounter

Playing a game of escape room is a fantastic way to bond with your family, friends, or colleagues while stimulating your mind at the same time. Themes for escape rooms in Singapore vary widely and can fit into any genre; from crime to science fiction to post-apocalyptic, you name it, and you’ll probably be able […]

Top 5 Fun And Engaging Things You Can Do In Singapore

Singapore is one of the best vacation destinations in Southeast Asia, offering a ton of amazing attractions to see and exciting activities to do. There’s never a dull moment in the Lion City. From skyscrapers that reach the clouds to historical landmarks to incredible shopping destinations and Instagram-worthy parks, Singapore has everything you can associate […]