The Difference Between A Virtual And Real Life Escape Room

The Difference Between A Virtual And Real Life Escape Room

The escape room has a long and interesting history. In its evolution, the virtual escape room is one of the more popular forms that have emerged. Virtual escape rooms are basically online versions of the interactive series of puzzles we’ve all come to enjoy. There are many similarities between the two formats, but each also facilitates certain differences. Here are some of the most significant ones:

Real Life Escape Rooms

Real life escape rooms 

You can only physically and tangibly interact with your surroundings while doing a real life escape room. Senses exclusively used when interacting with a physical environment, like your olfactory and tactile senses, are activated here. Getting to touch your setting and clues affects your immersion more intensely. You are also required to be more dextrous and agile when moving about the room – which can only trigger the release of hormones like adrenaline.

The rooms are often more uncanny and can feel more lifelike. The setting, atmosphere, and props make you feel like the narrative’s main character. However, because the space is physical, that also means it’s limited. Only a set number of people will be able to join the game at the same time. A big group of people will have to split up into acceptable numbers to participate in a real life escape room.

Virtual escape rooms 

In theory, the reach of a virtual escape room is practically limitless. You can even experience one right at home. A lot of businesses who are looking for team building activities in Singapore turn to online escape rooms. They can engage large groups of people in an affordable, enjoyable, challenging, and challenging activity. People appreciate that they don’t have to go to a physical location to reap the benefits of participating in an escape room. Many tools are available that allow communication – beyond face-to-face meetups – like Zoom or Google Meet. Even though you can’t physically touch anything in virtual escape rooms, the games at Lockdown Escape are so well-made and intricate that you are still fully immersed in the experience.

The scope of virtual escape rooms is also much more extensive. There are no spatial or financial limitations. The rooms in the virtual world can accommodate a significant number of people while also being much more meticulously designed. You can even talk to your teammates through video chat in some iterations. This eliminates the feelings of solitude you might have felt not being able to see your teammates. It is also relatively easy to accommodate; you only need your team and good Wi-Fi.


Whether you’re planning to do a virtual or real life escape room, each platform has benefits and drawbacks. What helps is having the option to choose what it is you’re looking for. This article helps you decide what kind of escape room to do based on your needs and requirements. But whether you’re looking for a fun and intimate, real life escape room to do with your friends or a limitless and interactive virtual escape room for a team building exercise, Lockdown Escape has you covered. Contact us to learn more today!