Escape Rooms: The Best Team Building Opportunity?

Escape Rooms: The Best Team Building Opportunity?

A healthy and dynamic workplace is paramount to the business’s overall productivity. This is true of every organisation, whatever kind or however many people are in them. Escape rooms can play a surprising but vital role in creating that kind of environment for your team.

Escape rooms have always been popular. But they are also an inherently team-based activity. Their unique qualities make it the perfect place to detect everyone’s best and worst traits and behaviours. In that way, they aren’t just enjoyable; they’re also informative.

But there are a host of other reasons why completing an escape room with your teammates is highly beneficial. Read on to find out more.

1. You learn to empathise with each other better

The escape room experience is so unique that it binds people together as they try to figure it out. Teamwork and closeness come almost automatically when made to come up with solutions. The challenge of it all is exhilarating and often overtakes any inhibitions team members might have had and allows them to let loose and participate fully.

They can then bond in an unrestricted way, bypassing other social norms to form a stronger connection in a relatively short period of time.

2. You can build trust together

Accomplishing a task in a group can boost morale and increase trust like nothing else. This is especially so when it’s in an interestingly high-pressure situation with low stakes like an escape room. When you put your mind together to solve clues and puzzles and see the tangible results of your efforts, you have evidence that teamwork does work.

With an already deepened understanding towards each other, building trust is the obvious next step. Teams start to establish dynamics internally and get to know each other better outside of the work context. This will ultimately prove to be an asset to efficiency and productivity.

3. You can gauge each member’s strengths

You can gauge each member's strengths

Escape rooms are almost universally enjoyed, which can be attributed to the range of options available so you’d never get bored. There is something for everyone to do. It’s similar to working in a team – there is always a task fit for every member.

Some people are more visual and respond to that sort of stimuli best. They’re able to spot details and find clues others can’t see for this reason. Others might be more cerebral and creative and use more abstract cues to solve problems and riddles.

Whatever the case, everyone can contribute differently. People will then be able to note where everyone’s strength lies and utilise that information for their own projects.

4. They highlight team leaders

With any team, there has to be a leader in some capacity. Whether elected officially or socially agreed upon, they are vital to any task. They keep things moving and delegate work when necessary. They also need to understand their team fundamentally to keep the work up to mark.

Some people are naturally more predisposed to taking the initiative and have the making of a team leader. Escape rooms are ideal for this because these kinds of people emerge in no time to get the game moving. The best part is that this happens organically and without conflict or friction, which is a good sign for all future team endeavours.


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