5 Types Of Players You’ll Likely Encounter In An Escape Game

5 Types Of Players You'll Likely Encounter In An Escape Game

Escape game rooms in Singapore have become quite popular not only because they are fun and challenging but also because they provide you with an opportunity to develop your puzzle-solving skills. Many people enjoy putting their skills to the test against the clock in an escape room.

Escape rooms become much more enjoyable and exciting when they are played with several other people. Often, the players are divided into groups, each of which has weaknesses and strengths. To better understand how an escape room is typically played, here are some of the most common types of players you will likely encounter in the game.

1. The Leader

Every game of escape room must have this type of player. The game leader is the one who leads the entire team and manages the whole game. From the start of the game, the leader clearly distinguishes themselves from the team and volunteers to organise the process.

The time for completing an escape game is limited, so the leader needs to assign the players responsibilities early on. With an effective game leader, the team will function accurately and smoothly as one entire mechanism. This enables the team to manage time wisely and avoid wasting the players’ skills and strengths.

2. The Puzzle Buster

Escape rooms are full of puzzles and riddles. Hence, a puzzle buster type of player is essential in the game. The puzzle buster is someone who can easily cope with demanding tasks that require meticulous solutions. They have a great passion for riddles and can successfully solve even the most complex puzzles.

Puzzle busters are common in escape rooms because the game allows them to use and build their intellectual abilities to the fullest. If you are lucky enough to have this type of player in your team, congratulations! You have a higher chance of escaping. On the other hand, if you find yourself in this description, your team is truly fortunate.

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3. The Finder

An escape room is usually filled with clues everyone needs to find in order to escape. As such, you are also likely to encounter a finder type of player when you play an escape game. As the term suggests, the finder is needed for one thing: finding clues.

The finder is someone who rushes to potential escape room areas where clues and other things might be hidden. They have probably played plenty of hidden-object-games or watched tons of detective series already to have the ability to find hidden objects right away. With this type of player in your team, you will undoubtedly find all the clues you need for a successful escape.

4. The Optimist

The optimist is the engine of energy for the whole team. No matter what challenge you encounter or how hopeless you feel after many unsuccessful attempts, the optimist fills the escape room with positive energy. Even when the game time is already running out fast, this type of player will surely convince everyone that a solution can be found soon. With their positive spirit, your team’s chance of success highly increases.

5. The Alarmist

The alarmist is the opposite of the optimist. They are the type of player that notifies everyone about the time and turns any hardship in solving puzzles into panicky requests for hints. Alarmists are more common among newcomers. Although they may sometimes cause anxiety, having an alarmist in your team can also be advantageous since all your teammates will know about the amount of game time you have left.


There are many different kinds of personalities you will encounter when you play an escape game. With that said, no matter what type of player you encounter or become, you will have lots of fun playing a fantastic escape room with other people. Not only will this game test your skills, but it will also allow you to make friends with various kinds of individuals.

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