5 Surprising Health Advantages Of Doing Escape Rooms


The popularity of escape rooms is no secret. Since its inception in Japan in the early 2000s, escape rooms have captivated people with the novelty and unique challenge they present. Over the years, the obsession with them has only increased. There are a plethora of reasons for that.

They’re extremely engaging and immersive. You can be the main character in your very own mystery movie – just solve the clues to get out of there, and you’ll have a great story to tell. You can even use them to work on your team building and even improve your cognitive capabilities. As surprising as it may be to believe, there’s even been evidence of a significant number of health benefits to doing escape rooms. Here are some of them:

1) It gives you your recommended amount of exercise 

Escape rooms can be unexpectedly vigorous. The average person requires about half an hour of moderate exercise a day. The challenge of doing an escape room can give you up to twice that amount. A thorough run-through of one makes you run around a lot, investigating every nook and cranny. It is not a sedate activity – which explains the number of calories you can burn in a day spent doing an escape room.

2) It helps broaden certain cognitive capabilities 

The brain is a muscle like any other part of your body, and it needs to be flexed to retain its capabilities. Any sort of brain teasers like puzzles or riddles is a great way to sharpen your memory and improve skills like critical thinking. Things like codes, different languages, and codes are utilised to create escape rooms, which have been proven to improve memory retention.


3) It helps you improve your hand-eye coordination 

Hand-eye coordination is a fine motor skill, along with spatial awareness that has been shown to develop with escape rooms. These skills are always evolving depending on our day-to-day experiences and thus can and should be improved. Escape rooms inherently require fine motor skills when completing tasks, and enough practice helps you hone them with shocking ease.

4) It enhances your gross motor skills

As we’ve established, escape rooms can be highly physical. As such, there is a certain amount of gross motor skills involved in completing them. These skills range from keeping balance, leaping, and even walking properly. Escape rooms in Lockdown Escape keep you on your toes and put your physical skills to the test.

5) It functions as a form of stress-relief 

Completing an escape room can be immensely satisfying and aids with the dopamine distribution – which is great for relaxing you and relieving tension. As the name suggests, escape rooms are also a great form of escapism. You forget your troubles easily when your biggest issue is trying to solve fun puzzles and riddles. It’s an entirely enveloping experience that allows you to take that break you really need.


Escape rooms are fun but they can also be good for you. They can improve both your mind and body all while giving you the break you deserve, With such a wealth of reasons for you to look into an escape room, what could possibly be stopping by? Drop by Lockdown Escape the best escape game room Singapore has to offer. Contact us today to find out more!