Deep beneath the palace of King Warmadewa in Bali lies a hidden labyrinth of catacombs, constructed in utmost secrecy. Lost to the sands of time, the entryways to these underground passages have recently been rediscovered.

King Warmadewa was known to amass a magnificent collection of precious artefacts from across Asia, some of which are now housed in the Asian Civilisations Museum. The catacombs hold not only the artefacts themselves but also vital information that could unlock the long-lost treasures of the King.

We dispatched a rover into the depths of these tunnels,but it has been some time since the rover last pinged its location. We fear that it may have hit an obstacle, threatening the success of our quest as its battery slowly depletes. It falls upon your team to trace its location and reestablish the vital connection to the rover. Together with the recovered artefacts in the museum, you hold the key to the success of this mission and unveiling the contents of the King’s treasures!

Partnering Asian Civilisation Musuem, Lockdown and ThinkOut Events organized the “Artefact Temporis” event that is being held in August 2017.

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