Rules of the game

  • All personal belongings, such as your mobile phone, must be kept in the locker. Please remember not to use any personal belongings while in the game. Do not spoil your experience by cheating!
  • There is nothing hidden underneath or inside the furniture. Please do not waste your time moving or dismantling them. Remember you only have one hour to escape!
  • Strictly no photo or video taking inside the game rooms. This is to protect the mysterious feel of the game for our future players.
  • As players may be very excited during the game, for your own safety, this game is not recommended for expectant mothers or those with heart conditions.
  • Please be gentle with the props. All puzzles are straightforward and there is no physical requirement in this game. Damaging the props will only make the game impossible to proceed! If you are unsure of their usage, please call our staff for help. Do note that you will be liable for any damage caused due to rough handling or purposeful acts of destruction.
  • LOCKDOWN.SG reserves the right to terminate the game at any point in time if any player refuse to abide by the rules, and action shall be taken to protect LOCKDOWN.SG’s interests.