Real Life Escape Game - Lost Treasure Of Sarang Rimau

You have been ordered to evacuate with fellow trooper Arnold Watson. As you are preparing to evacuate, you discover an old package buried near a cannon. Written on it are clues to a pirates’ treasure chest discovered by one Private Joey when he first arrived in 1885 on Sarang Rimau. Can you find the treasure in time, before the boat leaves you behind?

Designed for different teams to play at the same time from anywhere in the world using remote access. The participants will only need a computer or laptop for video conferencing with a stable broadband internet connection to play the game.  Players will also have access to a public virtual whiteboard and their individual team whiteboards, in which they can then view and work on their teamwork during the game. If you are keen, we can arrange a short demo so that you can get to know more about the game!